Nyanners likes a lot of things. See also things Nyanners doesn't like.




  • Goldenboy
  • Toradora!

Body parts




Fictional characters

Real people

  • Chad Thunderman, the epic win guy
  • Taylor Swift
  • You, the person reading this!

Types of people

Other things

  • Purple[21]
  • Rain
  • Violin, her favourite instrument
  • Winter[21]


  1. "I love being strong!" - Nyanners
  2. "I love breaking both of my legs!" - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  3. "headpats!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Nyanners, Twitch, 2017
  4. I love helping people out so much. I don't know what it is, it's just so fun." - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  5. "I'm not a car fucker. I'm not a car fucker!" - Nyanners, 2017
  6. "I am a car fucker" - Nyanners, 2018
  7. "There is no better way to sleep, than to sleep in a very cold room with lots of blankets." - Nyanners, 2018
  8. "I like to squirm around on the ground, like a slug." - Nyanners, 2018
  9. "I love the sound of your bare feet slapping about on the floor." - Nyanners, 2018
  10. "[singing] All I wanna do is suck some toes, I got a feeling I'm not the only one... Girls just wanna suck toes, oh girls just wanna suck toes" - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  11. Sometimes I forget that there are webbed toes and then I remember and smile to myself." - Nyanners, 2018
  12. In a Twitch stream on July 24, 2018, Nyanners recommended Avocado on burgers. She also enjoys avocado toast.
  13. Twitch, Sept 17, 2019. Nyanners likes coffee but it makes her sick.
  14. "I love dark souls!!!!!!!!!" - Nyanners, 2018
  15. "Dark Souls doesn't make me lose my mind, Dark Souls IS my mind." - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  16. "I am in love with this game. This game is my soul mate. I'm going to get married to this game. I now pronounce you Nyanners and HA HA HA HA HA HA." - Nyanners, Comfy FFX Playthrough part 1
  17. Karla: "Do stay safe." Nyanners: "I'll stay safe for you! uwu flirty goth gf". Dark Souls III, Twitch, 2018.
  18. "I like girls more, I'm a girl liker, I love girls, but if there's a boy and they're a bad guy [...] I just kiss kiss fall in love~!" - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  19. "Have a gay old time. Literally. Because I'm gay." Nyanners, 2018
  20. "I'M GAY" - Nyanners, Twitch, 2018
  21. 21.0 21.1 "What is my favorite color and season? I like purple and winter. ... Autumn is my second favorite season, and my third favorite season is spring." - Nyanners, 2016 FFX Playthrough Part 5
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